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WorkAlert® Research Translation Resource

One of ASAC’s first outputs was the re-development and re-launch of the WorkAlert® website as a key research translation initiative of ASAC and the Sleep Health Foundation. As a freely available educational resource for industry, WorkAlert® shares science-driven tips and knowledge on how employers and employees can keep themselves and their workplaces alert and safe. Combining industry-relevant information from some of our end user partners with current scientific evidence from ASAC’s academic partners, the WorkAlert® site offers easily digestible information on Workplace Scheduling Solutions, Lighting Solutions, Screening for Sleep Disorders, and Managing Sleep.

The Sleep Health Foundation own the WorkAlert® website and trademark, with ASAC managing the evidence-based content. ASAC are currently exploring ways to further leverage and expand the WorkAlert® platform to maximise the impact and reach of its healthy sleep messaging. ASAC & SHF welcome opportunities to partner with organisations to further develop this resource.

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