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    Become an Industry

Industry Partner

ASAC’s clinical and academic expertise relies on industry input to drive the research agenda and co-develop innovative translatable solutions. As the research division of the Sleep Health Foundation (a not-for-profit health promotion charity), ASAC has to date received no government funding and has been reliant on funding support of its industry partners and academic nodes. Going forward a proportion of all research grant funding received will be utilised to support ASAC’s industry engagement and the program management of funded projects.

Through a process of engagement and feedback with our end user participants, ASAC has developed three membership categories to offer organisations flexibility in the level of involvement and participation in ASAC and SHF – ranging from simply staying informed of ASAC activities and opportunities, through to defining specific industry problems and working with ASAC to develop tailored solutions. A comparison of the three ASAC membership categories are outlined in the table below.

ASAC Membership Categories

 Affiliate FREELevel A $10,000Level B $50,000
Newsletter updates
Notification of research project opportunities
Listing on ASAC website  
Facilitated access to ASAC network expertise  
Early access to consortium outputs  
Promotion through ASAC/SHF social media channels  
Curated funding and project opportunities  
ASAC letter of support for funding applications  
Pitch project ideas to consortium    
Access to key opinion leaders in sleep medicine    
Tailored R&D concept development    
Grant proposal development and submission on behalf of industry partner/s