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Academic Partner

The consortium’s world class research and clinical expertise is collectively represented on ASAC’s Steering Committee. This group works with our industry partners to identify and develop innovative research, intellectual property, technology and ideas that solve industry problems to benefit our end user organisations and the customers they serve. Fostering industry-academic partnerships enhances the consortium’s impact and provides the ideal foundation to increase grant funding success. The collective support and voice of ASAC’s sleep research and clinical expertise will further strengthen the ASAC and Sleep Health Foundation’s voice for sleep health to be recognised as an Australian national priority and part of Australia’s National Preventative Health Strategy.



ASAC offers a range of benefits to University and Research Institute partners.

ASAC helps these organisations access strategic and operational benefits including:

  • Collective expertise bringing strength and capacity to increase research funding competitiveness
  • Maximise Cross-institutional collaborations
  • Connect to network of industry and government organisations
  • Link researchers and students with industry
  • Strengthening the voice for sleep health to be recognised as a national priority