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Assoc Prof Clare Anderson

Academic Node Representatives

Monash University

Associate Professor Clare Anderson is a Senior Academic-Researcher and Lead of the Applied Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Laboratory (Anderson Lab) at the Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health at Monash University. She has more than twenty years’ experience using both field- and laboratory-based approaches to understand the contribution of sleep and circadian timing on human health, safety and performance. Her research applies sleep and circadian knowledge and principles to societal issues, with a specific focus on promoting healthy ageing and optimising road safety.

Clare is internationally recognised for her expertise in drowsy driving, in particular the development and validation of technologies for the accurate detection of drowsiness. She was a Theme Leader in the CRC for Alertness, Safety and Productivity, leading a national program of work developing biomarkers of sleep state. She currently leads a Victorian initiative for Roadside Testing of Fatigue; is the Principle Investigator of a multi-state Consortium for the Evaluation of Drowsy Driving Technologies; is Scientific Advisor to the Victorian Device Impairment Working group. She has advanced knowledge in developing best practice for the detection and prevention of drowsiness while driving, and has extensive experience working with industry partners and regulatory bodies to achieve these common goals.

Associate Professor Anderson is the co-lead of the Road Safety Program at ASAC, and Monash Representative for the Consortium.