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AlertSafe™ Rostering Solution

AlertSafe Rostering is a cloud-based integrated rostering system that helps employers analyse and/or design an optimal roster that takes into account employees' constraints and preferences, and seeks to limit and mitigate worker fatigue. The tool has been commercialised by Australian SME partner Opturion Pty Ltd.

AlertSafe™ Roster Builder Software & Software Developer Kit (SDK) were developed to incorporate work hours reference guidelines and the fatigue modelling. Rostering outcomes are classified from a fatigue risk perspective on an individual, team and enterprise basis. The SDK offers sophisticated fatigue management in roster building, roster management, human capital management, time and attendance systems, and there is an opportunity to package with existing roster management applications for enterprise-based business models.

Intervention studies conducted by Alertness CRC examined whether evidence-based staff scheduling intervention improved patient safety for ICU medical staff. Implementation of AlertSafe® rosters were shown to reduce adverse incidents.

ASAC academic partners Monash University and Institute of Breathing and Sleep (IBAS) collaborate with Opturion to utilise AlertSafe rostering tools in research and development projects.

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