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Alertness API: Model-based Prediction and Improvement of Sleep and Alertness

Alertness API is an application programming interface developed at the University of Sydney that allows users to interact with bio-mathematical models of alertness and integrate them with other applications, such as those used to improve alertness in shift work and jetlag settings. It enables prediction of the impact of work schedules and lifestyle choices, e.g., lighting, on sleep, circadian rhythms and alertness, and design of recommendations. The API supports configurable output, making it customisable for a wide range of applications:

The key mathematical model available via the API is the biophysical model of arousal dynamics capable of predicting sleep-wake, alertness, and circadian dynamics. It has been validated against variety of experimental protocols and tested against real-world data in a hospital shift work setting. The model's ability to predict the need for sleep and level of alertness enable it to serve as the basis of sleep recommendations that optimise total-sleep-time or alertness within a specified context, such as the constraints of a work-schedule.

The Alertness API is available for deployment for use in pilot-studies and/or proof-of-concept evaluation.

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