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    About us

About us

About ASAC

The ASAC will build on the CRC’s existing programs and expertise in the areas of sleep health, alertness and productivity.

ASAC recognises that new opportunities exist in the area of improving sleep, health wellbeing and performance, in the context of occupational health and wellbeing, in addition to the existing Alertness CRC focus areas of healthcare (primary care, in particular) and road safety.

The focus on the theme of sleep, health and wellbeing, and performance provides an excellent contextual alignment with existing CRC programs that will allow participating organisations to continue leveraging on strengths developed through the Alertness CRC consortium, while maintaining the close collaborations and partnerships established between academic institutions and industry partners

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To use world class sleep science to improve mental and physical health, wellbeing, performance and safety.


ASAC will develop innovative solutions, facilitate early adoption, and collaboratively pursue new and diverse opportunities to improve lives through better sleep.

The Consortium

  • Monash University
  • Flinders University
  • University of Sydney
  • Woolcock Institute of Medical Research
  • The Institute of Breathing and Sleep (IBAS)

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Supported by the advocacy and voice of the Sleep Health Foundation, ASAC welcomes Corporations, Industry Groups & Government partners to join our collaborative network. Operating at the intersection between research and industry, ASAC facilitates industry-focused research utilising a suite of innovative tools from the Alertness CRC to improve workplace and consumer alertness, wellbeing and healthy sleep.

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