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  • The Australian Sleep & Alertness Consortium

    The Australian Sleep & Alertness Consortium

    Together industry and academia can advance innovation and improve lives through better sleep

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ASAC: A Research and Development Consortium

 The Australian Sleep and Alertness Consortium (ASAC) is a research and development consortium that specialises in promoting industry and academic relationships to increase knowledge and outcomes in the sleep field. It was established in July 2020 to build upon the outputs, expertise and legacy of the Cooperative Research Centre for Alertness, Safety and Productivity (the Alertness CRC). The five institutions that comprise the consortium are: Monash University, University of Sydney, Flinders University, The Woolcock Institute of Medical Research and The Institute for Breathing and Sleep (IBAS). It sits within the Sleep Health Foundation’s organisational and governance structure as its R&D division. This new model of research collaboration will focus on the themes of sleep, health and wellbeing, and performance, across three integrated programs: Occupational, Healthcare, and Road Safety. ASAC serves as a model for excellent research in sleep health, alertness and performance. ASAC is proud to continue with many of the original CRC partners and are also always looking for new ASAC partners for the journey ahead.

About ASAC

The ASAC will build on the CRC’s existing programs and expertise in the areas of sleep health, alertness and productivity.

ASAC recognises that new opportunities exist in the area of improving sleep, health wellbeing and performance, in the context of occupational health and wellbeing, in addition to the existing Alertness CRC focus areas of healthcare (primary care, in particular) and road safety.

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The Consortium

  • Monash University
  • Flinders University
  • University of Sydney
  • Woolcock Institute of Medical Research
  • The Institute of Breathing and Sleep (IBAS)

Our Research Programs

Improving Sleep, Health & Wellbeing and Performance


Supported by the advocacy and voice of the Sleep Health Foundation, ASAC facilitates and increases connectivity of the expert consortium network, bridging the gap between research and business to provide industry focused research, advice, education and consultancy services. Through our collective expertise, track record and extensive network, ASAC’s niche is operating at the intersection between academia and industry to facilitate strategic partnerships enabling high impact cross-institutional collaborations.

Benefits of joining the consortium

Partnering with ASAC provides access to the expanded network of industry stakeholders and patient/consumer groups of the Sleep Health Foundation. Organisations can position themselves as thought leaders and champions of workplace and consumer alertness, well-being, and healthy sleep through their partnership with ASAC’s world leading researchers and high calibre research institutes as well as alignment with the Sleep Health Foundation.

ASAC’s role and focus is to ensure the economic impact of sleep disruption and sleep disorders is better recognised through the national health agenda. In the spirit of the CRC, and after the major achievements of the CRC, ASAC aims to continue cooperative research as we recognise the benefits of combining and sharing resources and expertise across organisations.

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Supported by the advocacy and voice of the Sleep Health Foundation, ASAC welcomes Corporations, Industry Groups & Government partners to join our collaborative network. Operating at the intersection between research and industry, ASAC facilitates industry-focused research utilising a suite of innovative tools from the Alertness CRC to improve workplace and consumer alertness, wellbeing and healthy sleep.

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